Sunday, May 14, 2006

Kid, go away.

I think I’m about ready to leave Stormwind. This morning I wake up only to find this little punk sitting right next to me…face all a mess with ice cream, dripping the crap all over my fur – all I could do is wonder “now what did Idiot do, now?” He’s got to take take this kid all over the world it seems and he’s determined to do it…and bring me along. Nope. Not me. See, this is why he keeps Frig the cat in the stable – kids like cats more than bears, and I promise you I will swipe at the first little punk who calls me Yogi or “Poo”. He needs to pull that dam cat out and put him to some use. I flat out refuse to cater to this kid’s whim. And Idiot plans to do all of this to get a PET! Now not a cool pet, like a snake or something…but things like a turtle, or a rat. Oh yeah, that’s really worth nuttin’ up and hitting the road for adventure. I need to risk my life for Speedy the Turtle.
It’s not all bad, I guess…I just whizzed on the extra ice cream the kid had in the back. Not my fault you stepped out to play keep away with some girl and her doll.