Thursday, October 13, 2005

Here we go again...

I was in Stormwind, just outside the bank by the fountain (I had to go and that's my favorite spot around there) when I saw this little gnome having a hell of a time trying to walk around with this armor much too big for him. Man, I was enjoying see ing this sight..and I wasn't alone; some elves were messing with him. "Does your mom know you're wearing your dad's chestplate?" This little dude got pretty chapped. "YOU DON'T WANT TO MESS WITH ME. I GOT A GANG, A POSSE, WE'RE LIKE THE MAFIA.....I'M GONNA HIT YOU WITH ONE OF THE MANY EGGS I KEEP"

Eggs? Who in the hell keeps eggs with them? A posse? gang? Mafia? What is this, World of HBO? The elves were laughing, he was getting more & more pissed, so I walked up to him and smacked him. Had to. I can't stand hearing a gnome whine.

His helment flew off...and instantly I realized this was the person Wannabe and Idiot sometimes talked about. The "Q man". He was a sap. "I'm gonna get my gang to take you out" Whack. Shaddup Q. "I'm gonna...." Whack. Stupid. "I'm..." Whack. Dam, boy get the hint.

Idiot finally got done in the bank rearranging all his stuff (the pack rat) and pulled me off the little punk.

But not before I peed on him. Like I said, that was my favorite spot.