Monday, October 17, 2005

in da butt?!?

Frug note: I found me a little den mother over the weekend, so I'll be taking some time away from the Frug-top, this here's a guest post from Panzer - who seems to have some bigger problems than me at the moment.

You will not believe what happened to me the other day. Lyoness said it was time for me to go to the vet. Being a wild animal, I thought.."what the hell is a VET." I had several thoughts that crossed my mind of what a vet was but nothing compaired to what it ended up being.

1. Being a new type of meat.
2. Being another place for me to run all the way too while the idiot takes a flight.

First Lyoness got this huge crate and stuffed me in it while I fight to try to run out the front door. I actualy made it the first time but the second time. Idiot wraped me up in some Runecloth fabric and stuffed me inside the crate and shut the door. I was stuck while Idiot laughed at me getting untangled from the Runecloth. Then she had a whole bunch of other people tie the crate up on the back of a Griffon.
I was actualy glad that I didnt have to run for once. Although the constant bouncing around inside the crate gave me a few bumps on the head. So here I am, stuck in a crate and wondering WHAT THE HELL is a VET??

We arrive in Stormwind and now the Idiot lets me out of this stupid box that I was stuffed in against my will. I should sue that Idiot for messing up my fur. Course Idiot doesnt care.. oh well.. have to see what this VET thing is.

We walk into a building and before I know it.. some dude wearing a white coat is stuffing things in the WRONG place and saying I need a Rabies shot and pulls this other object and stabs me in the butt with it."Then he says don't you feel better?"
The only way I am going to fell better is when I bite his hand off and stuff it where the sun doesnt shine. GRRRR.

Well now I know what the Vet is.. Some person in a white coat just asking for a decapitation. And speaking of Decapitation..... maybe I should decapitate my Idiot as well. - Panzer