Friday, October 14, 2005

and I bet your momma picks up your room, too

Idiot's not so bad. There's some good things about him, but I just can't get over how dumb he and his 'kind' can be. Always looking to do stuff for other people, it's as if they're all on a special mission or quest to be the HANDMAID of the true losers of the world. For the love of moonkin meat, can't you just tell the sap to go get his own book just down the road?

"Go get this book I left near the bedpan"...."Ohhhh, Thank can you get my glasses? They were right next to the book...oh but hurry!"

If it were me? I tell you what, how about after you finish wiping yourself, you pick up your own book and bring it with you. Preferably AFTER you wash your hands. What? You need your glasses? Yeah, I saw 'em....and dropped 'em in the bedpan. Maybe you should've tried to mooch someone into cleaning THAT before you started trying to get someone to get the book, lazy punk.

It baffles me how they can get away with it, but then again when I sit back and take a look at Idiot and Wannabe - it's all put in perspective.

Hey Idiot! You see me? See how I'm not smiling? You wanna get the show on the road, dig in those bags and gimme some meat? No, I don't want the mushrooms over there....YOU can't see the bedpan, but I know why those shrooms are so tall...

What do you mean you need to get some orphan kid some ice cream from a goblin just around the corner?!?! If I don't get fed, you'll look pretty funny with an ice cream cone stuck up your......