Monday, October 10, 2005

Toy R Us in Loch Modan

You guys are giving me better material than I could ever come up with....

What up Frug,
I feel like the coolest bear around. My pet Dwarf got together with the rest of the guild to take another picture outside of Stormwind, and who should be right up front dead center? Me, baby! Who needs your name on the roll sheet when you get props like that? The way I figure it, you just have to keep your “handler” in line. Let them know that without you they are nothing. Then all of a sudden, you’ll find them trying out new recipes. No more raw spider meat, now your getting spider-ka-bobs. For instance, I was running behind my dwarf (Scuttle-something-or-another) the other day in Loch Mondan, and decided to stop to catch my breath. Moron didn’t notice and just kept on running! Next thing you know, his little dwarf butt is getting railed on by some mean looking Ogres and I’m laughin my fur off just watching. I’m guessing that’ll be the last time he forgets to make sure I’m step for step with him.
- Ruxpin

The coolest bear around?

Dude, he named you "Ruxpin" - as in "Teddy Ruxpin", a 5 year old's dream in the early 1980's. Your namesake is smaller than a gnome and does less damage than a wisp fart.

Yep, you got him wrapped around your claw. Grrr...whatever...

oooh boy.....NEXT.