Sunday, October 02, 2005

I got mail

Panzer said...
Welcome back Frug... I have been needing to speak with you about my Idiot owner. Some nightelf that has turquoise hair. She likes runing in circles getting lost in dungeons and need I say more also likes to take scuicide missions off the side of the high cliffs of Telsadril! I think I will join your movement of Animal Rights.

You gotta understand, it's not really animal rights. There's some real stupid animals out there. Like those crabs. I saw a crab the other day running around with a dwarf and the crab's name was "Fang". Wha? OK, I know - the dwarf is a little ugly idiot for naming the crab that, but the fact that the crab seemed to be all giddy with the "aye, doncha know...I'm a dwarf with crabs" type of attitude. He's just dumb. Start boiling the water, add crab boil and potatoes. Beats the hell out of clam meat, at least.

But to your problem. You've got an elf who likes to jump off the side of a mountain. You need to help her focus on something else. So take a dump in her shoes.
Glad I could help.



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