Monday, September 26, 2005


7-12-2005 , Ashenvale
Hello, I’m Frug… I’m a member of RWOA….well ok, I’m not on the ‘official’ roster since I’m just a bear. My idiot hunter/owner is, though. And since it’s not like I can leave him and start “Rabid Thistle Bears of Auberdine” or something, here I am. Note to whomever is in charge: I should be recognized in the guild. I’ve kicked more butt than my owner as he stays far far away with his little bow and arrows, acting like he’s Green Arrow or Robin Hood…whatever... and he’s got this friend….I dunno…looks like a girl, talks like a guy, but seems ok….and then WHOA…this chick turns into a bear?! Mind you, she's not a real bear. The ears are all wrong, the walk isn’t right….one thing I can’t stand is a ‘wannabe’. But my idiot hunter, in all his infinite wisdom runs with a chick-who-sounds-like-a-guy-but-wants-to-be-a-bear. Yeah, and I’m the one who needs to be trained. I hear all this smack about, “once I get to level blah blah blah, I’m going to put my points into yada yada yada yada…..” Yeah, fine whatever, geek-elf-boy..just feed me. It's the least you can do for me keeping you alive. And no more clam meat. Would you give your momma clam meat? I don’t think so. I know I’m your heavy, the one that saves your butt, but I ain’t planning to do it with clam breath….
Well, why am I here? Apparently, while it seems I’m “not valuable enough” to be on the guild roster, all my griping has done something. I figure they thought I’d shut up if I was busy doing ‘web work’ (HELLO?!?! I’m a b-e-a-r)..but, I’m gonna show them. I got things to say and this is where I’m gonna say it. Check back from time to time so I can tell you the brilliant things my idiot puts me through.
But I’m not alone though: My bud, Pads feels the same way…he’s just waiting for the right moment to off his guy. With all the teasing he gets in the pet circles, it’s only a matter of time. I might get him and some of the others to send something in. Wannabe bears and cats aren't welcome, of course.
Oh, gotta go…here comes idiot with food…oh what’s this? Oh lookeeeee.....spider meat...Greaaaat, you rotten piece of….