Saturday, August 12, 2006


Oh man, what a week. I’m still trying to put it all together but it has been just crazy. Me and Idiot were in Tanaris and I happened to come across this purple lotus bush. Now, I’ve never had purple lotus before but I had heard that it can be some pretty strong stuff if you eat it. Idiot wasn’t looking and I grabbed some for later. My boy Wes was having a party at his stable one night – his chick owner is working on some fighting test right now (I dunno, that’s what he told me ) so he’s got a free night. Party, then obviously. I show up, lotus in paw, ready. I grabbed some Winterfall Firewater and had me a little lotus hoping for a little feel-good.

That’s when it got weird.

Wes says it was as if I was a different bear….at least a whole different personality. I was calling myself Frug-Crush. Apparently I was telling everyone how I was the best dam bear in Azeroth and that using some math practice only a blood elf could understand, if there were a ranking system – I was #1. Wes tried to get me to chill out, and I told him I’d hunt his @$$ down and take him out… “ I am Frug-Crush; you can’t tell me what to do” I pulled out the Frug-top and started blasting away on different forums about how the other posters sucked compared to me and that I, Frug-Crush, should be admired and honored due to my vast superiority.
So the unthinkable happened. Wes beat my ass. Hard. Threw a kick at me that I later found out he learned from watching that chick owner of his and knocked me out….when I came to, I was hurting but normal.

Wes is still telling me about some of the other things that happened. Like I seem to have called this dwarf named Keg-something in the middle of the night and told him off.

This, as I understand it, was a big mistake. Ugh.