Monday, May 15, 2006

Swipe. Music to my ears.

I think while Idiot goes play with his orphan punk, I'm going to go on a quest of my own.

I'm going to search Stormwind Keep and find those guys that are always singing/chanting every time I walk in there. It was okay for the first time I walked in there, but for the love of Aggramar, enough's enough.

Gimme some Foghat, man.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Kid, go away.

I think I’m about ready to leave Stormwind. This morning I wake up only to find this little punk sitting right next to me…face all a mess with ice cream, dripping the crap all over my fur – all I could do is wonder “now what did Idiot do, now?” He’s got to take take this kid all over the world it seems and he’s determined to do it…and bring me along. Nope. Not me. See, this is why he keeps Frig the cat in the stable – kids like cats more than bears, and I promise you I will swipe at the first little punk who calls me Yogi or “Poo”. He needs to pull that dam cat out and put him to some use. I flat out refuse to cater to this kid’s whim. And Idiot plans to do all of this to get a PET! Now not a cool pet, like a snake or something…but things like a turtle, or a rat. Oh yeah, that’s really worth nuttin’ up and hitting the road for adventure. I need to risk my life for Speedy the Turtle.
It’s not all bad, I guess…I just whizzed on the extra ice cream the kid had in the back. Not my fault you stepped out to play keep away with some girl and her doll.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


I was running around Stormwind with Idiot and kept getting all these weird looks from whomever we passed. I wanted to just swipe at all of them but they weren't trying to start anything....nah, in fact they acted like me & Idiot were special. This much about me, I knew...but him? Great. Just what I he's going to get a big head. I guess it wouldn't be so bad if it made those damn ears fit to we're walking around, and finally people are seeing me for the awesome bear I am. Initially I wasn't sure why, but after a while it hit me. We joined a guild....Righteous Warriors. Apparently these boys & girls are one of the bigger & well respected groups around and the townfolk here love 'em. Well I had to find out just what makes 'em so big & bad....and more to the point, what in the hell did they see in Idiot? I mean, this guy usually grabs the sharp end of the sword going into a fight - not the brightest elf in the world. But maybe, just maybe, this "Righteous Warrior" group could make him respectable. So I took a close look.


A bunch of bear wannabe's (including Idiot's friend, I saw her), some hunters like Idiot, but a bunch of others - many that are little itty bitty things....swords dragging behind them on the ground...any other time, they'd be a snack. Yessir, gnomes. I'll call 'em lil' Righteous Warriors.

There's stories galore about them - and even little special groups within this guild. One story caught my eye -

There's a group of who call themselves "The Wipe Crew" They try to do the impossible, and that's all good, blah blah, whatever....but I found out that their leader is Wes...a bear. A very big bear. He's so cool...he's the tank in the group, he can heal himself, he doesn't listen to ANYONE. He refuses clam meat & cheap fish....he's the real deal. Now, I've got Idiot, but he's got his own to deal with...I keep telling him he's got it better than me, cuz at least he goes to the cool places, killing dragons, peeing in lava...while I'm stuck in Stranglethorn Vale with a bunch of goblins. That's a load. He tells me how 'The Wipe Crew' got its name is up for interpretation: they say it's because they go into all of these rough places and get wiped out, but still keep going....Wes says it's named after him wiping everything in front of him out, paving their way.

All things being equal. My vote's for the bear.

I did ask Wes his opinion of what RW might see in Idiot. His answer? "Probably not much, they refer to him as "Alt".

Heh, I'll have to use that - I'm sure it's not nice.